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Showcase Your Panda Passion: Advertise on (Prices in USD)

Giant pandas aren't the only stars on!  Do you have a product, service, or organization that caters to the passionate panda enthusiasts in our community?  Advertise with us and connect with a dedicated audience eager to learn more and support panda conservation.

We offer a variety of advertising options to fit your needs and budget:

Banner Ads:  Grab the attention of our visitors with high-impact banner ads strategically placed throughout the website.

Standard Banner (728x90 pixels): Starts at $250 per month.

Large Leaderboard Banner (970x90 pixels): Starts at $400 per month.

Sponsored Content:  Partner with us to create informative and engaging sponsored content that highlights your brand while providing value to our readers.  Rates start at $500 per article.

Social Media Promotion:  Expand your reach and leverage the power of our engaged social media following. Packages start at $100 per platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) per month.

Let's Talk Pandas and Promotion!

We understand that every advertiser has unique goals.  Contact our advertising team today to discuss your specific needs and create a custom quote.  We'll help you craft a campaign that resonates with our panda-loving audience and achieves your marketing objectives.

Here's how to reach us:

Email: [email address removed]

Phone: [Phone number] (optional - you can replace this with "We can be reached by email for now")

Together, let's make the world a better place for giant pandas!